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TANK CAPACITY: Min 15 Lt / Max 60 Lt

PRODUCTION: 60 Lt in 2 hours

POWER SUPPLY: 400V / 50Hz / 3Ph

POWER: 6.4 Kw


DIMENSIONS: L 35 cm X W 86 cm X H 103 cm

WEIGHT: 160 Kg

The Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 Tronic DGT Pasteurizer is the true all-rounder of pasteurization in the ice cream parlor: whether it involves rapid pasteurization, gentle cooling or long curing, Pastomaster 60 Carpigiani can do everything. Thanks to the powerful stirrer in its processing cup, the mixture is prepared directly in the pasteurizer and is dispensed until the last drop without any product waste. The Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 Tronic DGT pasteurizer also offers a wide selection of programs available for production, 15 customizable and 7 predefined. With the Carpigiani used pasteuriser you can work with a temperature range from 1 ° C to 90 ° C. The powerful stirrer in the tank and the robust stainless steel construction make this machine the excellence of pasteurization.

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